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Pixel Soft is a professional internet strategy and web design establishment that specializes in building custom websites and business solutions of all sizes.

Qatif, Saudi Arabia

Al-Quds Street
Phone: (+966)3-855-3630

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Web Site Design

Building a powerful, professional Website to do as you want takes skilled and experienced designers and programmers. This is the core of our Website Development & Programming services - building Websites with special functionality.

Our Website Development and Programming services cover a wide range of disciplines, coding languages and techniques, including HTML, CSS, ASP, ASP.NET, XML, and PHP.

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Website Creativity and User Interface Design

Creativity on the web means much more than putting your brochure online. It means helping customers get the most out of their websites. We do this by designing websites that help people accomplish their goals and easily find their targets when visiting a website. Understanding the objectives of our clients has always been our strong prospective. Designing the means in which to help our clients accomplish their goals takes talent, taste, commitment and experience - all the things we're made of.

A well though-out website user friendly interface should always be guided by the overall goals of the site itself, its target customers and visitors, as well as the goals of the company and its owners. Pixel Soft follows proven guidelines and standards when it comes to creating effective and pleasing, professional website interfaces.

Other Services:
Business Solutions  - Web Hosting  - E-Commerce  - Consulting  - Web Advertisement